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GK-6 Galvanized Steel PH 8.0 Wire Drawing Lubricant

GK-6 Galvanized Steel PH 8.0 Wire Drawing Lubricant

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    PH 8.0 Wire Drawing Lubricant


    GK-6 Wire Drawing Lubricant


    GK-6 dry wire drawing lubricants

  • Product Name
    Galvanized Steel Wire Drawing Lubricant
  • Properties
    Light Yellow Liquid
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    Standard export packaging
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    15-25 work days
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    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
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GK-6 Galvanized Steel PH 8.0 Wire Drawing Lubricant

GK-6 Galvanized Steel Wire Drawing Lubricant ; Steel wire drawing after galvanizing


GK-6 is a light yellow liquid, packed in small mouth drums and must be stored between 5-30℃. Less than 5℃, the GK-6 will become very sticky-10℃ into a gel. When the temperature is raised to room temperature, the properties can be restored to the original state. Storage in an environment of more than 30℃, GK-6 may be stratified, stirring to reduce the temperature to room temperature can restore GK-6 homogeneous state. After a long time, the barrel can be rolled or stirred into the barrel before use, which can make the GK-6 even. GK-6 shelf life is one year.


GK-6 is a concentration of 30% concentrated liquid, in practice, need to add water dilution preparation, made into a specified concentration range of emulsion can be used. According to the variety of use, it is recommended that the preparation ratio be between (9-20) and 1.


Index Importance Remarks Frequency of detection
PH value

Too high, reduced lubricity, corrosion to facilities

Too low, there could be bacterial infection


Best 8.0-9.0

Potency Maintain good lubricating performance, concentration must be stable


Control according to usage requirements


Too high temperature to reduce service life

The temperature is too low, causing bacteria to reproduce

45±5℃ everyday

Bacteria may consume fatty acids

Too much leads to less lubrication

Less than 105 col/ml

More than fungicides