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Cyanide Zinc Plating Chemicals Bright Zinc Process Brightener 96

Cyanide Zinc Plating Chemicals Bright Zinc Process Brightener 96

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    Cyanide Zinc Plating Chemicals


    Cyanide Zinc Process Brightener


    Zinc Process Brightener 96

  • Features
    Cyanide Zinc Plating
  • Item
    Chemical Auxiliary Agent
  • Use
    Zinc Plating
  • Type
    Electroplating Brightener
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    Brightener 96
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    Standard export packaging
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    15-25 work days
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    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
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Cyanide Zinc Plating Chemicals Bright Zinc Process Brightener 96

Brightener 96 for Cyanide Zinc plating






1. Wide bright area, bright deposit can be obtained when current density is 0.2~2A/dm2.

2. Strong throwing power, uniform bright deposit can be obtained on the complex parts, especially suitable for barrel plating.

3. Suitable for low-chrome passivating, it can lower pollution over 90% comparing with traditional Cr6+ pollution.

4. Suitable for high, medium and low cyanide plating bath.

5. It doesn’t contain aldehyde, it is stable and has low consumption in strong alkaline solution.






  Low cyanide Medium cyanide High cyanide Little cyanide
ZnO 10~15g/L 15~25g/L 35~45g/L 11~12g/L
NaCN 15~20g/L 25~40g/L 70~90g/L 6~10g/L
NaOH 70~80g/L 70~80g/L 80~100g/L 110~120g/L
Na2CO3 15~20g/L 15~20g/L 15~20g/L  
Na2S       0.1~0.3g/L
Brightener 96 5m/L 5m/L 5m/L 5m/L
Anode material 1# pure zinc 1# pure zinc 1# pure zinc 1# pure zinc







Acidic degreasing and derusting → rinse → alkaline chemical degreasing → hot-water washing → flowing cool water washing → activate(10%HCl) → rinse → bright zinc plating → recycle → rinse → neutralization (2~3% HNO3) → low-chrome passivation → rinse → drying (60~80ºC)






1. On the natural working condition, when temperature range is 23~43ºC, brightener consumption is 100~150ml/KAH.


  2. Replenishing brightener little and normally, when barrel plating, replenishing it within half an hour before leaving bath, it can assure stable quality and low brightener consumption.