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Environmentally Friendly Chromium Mist Inhibitor FI-83

Environmentally Friendly Chromium Mist Inhibitor FI-83

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    Environmentally Friendly Chromium Mist Inhibitor


    FI-83 Chromium Mist Inhibitor


    FI-83 calcium inhibitor filter

  • Feature
    Fluoride Free
  • Appearance
    White Scaly Solid
  • Use
    Chrome Plating
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  • Packaging Details
    Standard export packaging
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    15-25 work days
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    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
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Environmentally Friendly Chromium Mist Inhibitor FI-83

Environmentally friendly chromium mist inhibitor


Environmentally Friendly Chromium Mist Inhibitor FI-83 0 FI-83 is the newly developed environment-friendly chrome fog inhibitor, which is mainly used in

protective decorative chrome plating and hard chrome plating to inhibit the generation of chrome fog.

Environmentally Friendly Chromium Mist Inhibitor FI-83 1 FI-83 mainly used to replace the fluorine-containing chromium mist inhibitor.

Environmentally Friendly Chromium Mist Inhibitor FI-83 2 FI-83 appearance is white to yellowish solid powder, non-fluorine, non-toxic, harmless,

non-corrosive, non-flammable, non-explosive, stable and clean, and suitable for national environmental protection requirements.




1) Reduce the surface tension of the plating solution, with good dispersion, so that the plating layer can be spread more evenly.

2) During electrolysis, a continuous and dense fine foam layer is formed on the liquid surface, which can effectively prevent the overflow of chromium mist.

3) To reduce the cost of electroplating, the chromium content in the air can be reduced to 0.002-0.004mg/M3, which is lower than the national standard of 0.05mg/M3, and it can also save 30% of the amount of chromic anhydride used.

4) The current efficiency can generally be increased by 20-30%, and the current efficiency in the low-chromium process can be increased by 60-80%.

5) The hardness of HV is increased by 30-60%, which strengthens the bonding force of chrome plating.

6) Effectively reduce the corrosion of workshop instruments and equipment, and enable ventilation equipment to operate normally for a long time.

7) Eliminate the pollution of chromium mist to the environment, protect the health of workers, and have significant social and economic benefits.

8) This product is suitable for temperature 60°or below, not suitable for high temperature and high voltage electroplating in hard chrome plating.





1) The calculated amount can be directly added to the electroplating bath, and then stirred evenly.

2) The usage amount of FI-83 should be added according to 0.04-0.06g/L.

3) During the electrolysis process, the white filter paper can be placed on the edge of the tank forinspection. When small yellow spots are found on the filter paper, 0.02-0.04g/L should be added. The number of supplements may be 2-3 more times.

4) This product should be stored in a cool place without light exposure, and the shelf life is 2 years.



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