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WF-Q212 Fluorocarbon Resin Coating Chemicals

WF-Q212 Fluorocarbon Resin Coating Chemicals

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    WF-Q212 Fluorocarbon Resin


    Fluorocarbon Resin Coating Chemicals


    Plastic Coating Fluorocarbon Resin

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WF-Q212 Fluorocarbon Resin Coating Chemicals

WF-Q212 fluorocarbon resin


I. Composition


It is composed of fluorocarbon resin, xylene, butyl acetate, etc. by alternating copolymerization (FEVE) of chlorotrifluoroethylene with vinyl and vinyl ester.


II. Characteristics


Excellent weather resistance

√ No early yellowing, which can keep the initial luster and color for a long time.

√ Normal temperature self drying two-component coating can be prepared.


III. Application field


√ Plastic coating

√ Protective coating for building exterior wall and concrete

√ Anticorrosive coatings for steel structures and bridges


IV. Storage


Store in a cool and ventilated place, away from heat and fire sources. The shelf life of unopened barrels is one year.


V. Packaging


Packed in iron drums, net weight 200kg.


VI. Safety


This product contains solvent, so be careful to avoid contact with skin and eyes. For other information, please refer to the safety technical instructions.