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OX TL-300 Nanoscale waterborne dispersant for organic pigments & carbon black

OX TL-300 Nanoscale waterborne dispersant for organic pigments & carbon black

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    electroplating brightener


    electroplating additives

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    Leather Finishes
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    Coating Auxiliary Agents, Leather Auxiliary Agents
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    Chemical Auxiliary Agent
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    Standard export packaging
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    15-25 work days
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OX TL-300 Nanoscale waterborne dispersant for organic pigments & carbon black

OX TL-300 Nanoscale waterborne dispersant for organic pigments & carbon black




OXTL-300, as non-ionic dispersant, is used for aqueous coating systems, printing inks and adhesives. It is standard additive for binder-free pigment concentrates. It can reduce viscosity and improve gloss. It is also low-foam, no need to add defoamers in grinding. it is especially recommended for use in organic pigment and carbon blacks for its excellent color spreading effect. For medium and high carbon black pigment, its solid content can be made to 35% and particle size below 200 nanometers.

Organic pigment

Solid content: 40% Viscosity: 18.5s

Carbon black (high pigment)

Solid content: 30% Viscosity: 13s


Compositon: non-ionic high-molecular polymer with pigment affinity groups.

Typical Properties

The values indicated in this data sheet describe typical properties and do not constitute specification limits.

Appearance yellowish fluid

Non-volatile matter (10 min., 150 °C): 60%

Storage and Transportation

Separation or turbidity may occur during storage or transportation below 0 °C. Heat to 20 °C and stir.



aqueous ink and coating, aqueous universal pigment

Special Features and Benefits

The additive deflocculates pigments by means of steric stabilization. As a result of the small particle sizes

of the deflocculated pigments, high levels of gloss can be achieved and the color strength is improved.

Transparency and hiding power are also increased and viscosity is reduced. In this way, the flow

characteristics are also improved and higher pigment loading is possible.The additive is especially suitable for producing binder-free, stable pigment concentrates with a pigment content of 30-60 %. These pigment concentrates can be let down with standard aqueous binders.


Industrial coatings

Automotive coatings

Leather finishes

Protective coatings

Aqueous adhesives

Aqueous ink


The additive is recommended for producing stable universal pigment concentrates.



Amount of additive (as supplied) based upon pigment:

Organic pigment: 10%—30%

Carbon blacks: 10%—50%

The above recommended levels can be used for orientation. Optimal levels are determined

through a series of laboratory tests.


Grinding should only take place in water and grinding resin. Mix the additive with water and only add the pigments once the additive has been homogeneously and uniformly distributed.


—25kg plastic drum

200kg iron drum