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High Efficiency Metal Electroplating Power Supply Single Phase Air Cooled

High Efficiency Metal Electroplating Power Supply Single Phase Air Cooled

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    metal plating equipment


    electroplating machine

  • Product Name
    Electroplating Power Supply Rectifier
  • Input Voltage
    Single Phase 220V AC,50-60HZ
  • Cooling Mode
    Forced Air Cooled
  • Output DC Current
  • Output DC Voltage
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  • Packaging Details
    Standard export packaging
  • Delivery Time
    15-25 work days
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    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
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High Efficiency Metal Electroplating Power Supply Single Phase Air Cooled

Switching Mode Ectroplating Power Supply / Electroplating Rectifier High Frequency




Product features

  • Small size, light weight, high efficiency and high control precision.

  • Introduced international pulse-duration modulation technology, uses the IGBT power module from internationally-known company;

  • Enhance cathodic current density, With strong penetrability and adhesion, it can significantly quicken deposition rate of the plating coat,reduce the internal stress of coating , eliminates the hydrogen embrittlement, coating crystallizes will be more smooth and bright.

  • It has the constant voltage, constant current operating mode and The self-protection


function of over current ,short circuit,overheating , phase lack ,etc .Also soft start function; 5.The case uses spray process ,The control system is sealed and isolated ,the internal structure adopts design of the resistent alkali and acid .Greatly increases the product service life ;

  • Standard antiseptic remote control box, Seperate the power from plating tank, increases the product service life ;

  • We can provide:

1) The digital timer alarm system;

2) Ampere-hour meter;

3) RS485 or RS232 standard interface

4) 4-20MA,0-5V control signal interface ,etc.(The signal interface can be customized )


Technical Parameters


Input voltage Single phase 220V AC,50-60HZ
Output DC current 0-50A can be adjustment
Output DC voltage 0-15V can be adjustment

Constant voltage

control accuracy

Within 1.0%of rated output voltage

Constant current

control accuracy

Within 1.0%of rated output current
Ripple factor 1%-2%


Cooling Mode Forced air cooled
Efficiency ≥90%



Full capacity operation, more than 1,000 meters above sea level,

reduced load operation

Working condition

Ambient Temperature range -30-65℃, Relative humidity 30-85%

(when ambient temperature is 20℃±5℃).

Range of output Conditioning At 0 to100% of rated voltages
At 0 to100% of rated currents
Adjustment range From 0-100%continuously adjustable
Insulation resistance 5MΩor more


Product usage


Suitable for cooper,manganese,lead,zinc and other nonferrous metals electrolysis and potassium chlorate,potassium perchlorate,potassium persulfate,ammonium persulfate electrolysis.


Suitable for needing to be carved again for hard chromium plating, copper plating , electrolytic degreasing, deplating and other metal surface treatment.


Suitable for plating gold,silver,acid copper, alkaline copper, coke copper, nickel, tin, zinc, decorative chrome, hard chrome, electroforming Electrolytic solution and other metal surface treatment, It is clean and energy production preferred Rectifier.


Suitable for aluminium and its oxide film,the oxidation which dyeing requirement is not high, electrolytic polishing and stainless steel electrolyte polish metal surface treatment technology. It’s the clean production and energy conservation and emission reduction is preferred.