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Water Cooled 	Electroplating Equipment High Frequency Switching Power

Water Cooled Electroplating Equipment High Frequency Switching Power

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Water Cooled Electroplating Equipment High Frequency Switching Power

Water Cooled High Frequency Switching Power For Electroplating , electrolysis KGY-DS




  • KGY-DS series water cooled high frequency switching power supply absorbed the International advanced PWM pulse width, specially providing high quality power supply for electroplating, low voltage electrolysis, anodizing of aluminium, charge of storage battery, production of printed circuit board and others.

Product Characteristics

  • Water cooled high frequency switching power with high-power has N + 1 standby systems. All modular units participate in operation in general. If one unit is out of work, others will share current of the wrong unit.But the output current will not reduce, the reliability of power supply is greatly enhanced.
  • Automatic current-average control technology was employed among modular units of the power, so the system will distribute the output current on the average atomaticlly andaverage current errorcoefficient is below one percent.The undertaked load of each module unit is equal, the power operation is safe and reliable.
  • Since Water cooling technology is employed, the operation conditions of semiconductor device is greatly enhanced. Operating temperature of semiconductor device is not more than 55oC at full load operation , which greatly enhance reliability of the device.
  • Functions of overcurrent, short circuit, open-phase, water shortage and overtemperature protection.Power switching frequency is 20khz or so, power factor is no less than ninety percent, the system efficiency is no less than ninety percent.
  • Ripple factor of output voltage is optional from one percent to five percent.
  • Whole-sealed design of box and no scavenger fan so that the device has excellent anti-corrosion since, then it can be placed on plated cylinders directly.
  • The device system can be controled by manual control and automatic control. There are two control interfaces of standard control interface with 4-20mA, 0-5V and 0-10V or RS-485 digital control Interface.

Product Specifications

  • DC output current:500A-50000A
  • DC output voltage: no less than 36V (If output voltage is more than 36V, the power supply can be cooled by water from Inner cooling water circulation system.)