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Bright Nickel Plating Chemicals Nickel Purify P3  Purification Of Impurities

Bright Nickel Plating Chemicals Nickel Purify P3 Purification Of Impurities

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    Nickel Purify P3
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Bright Nickel Plating Chemicals Nickel Purify P3 Purification Of Impurities

Nickel Purify P3 ; Purification of impurities by nickel plating 

  • Bright nickel is one of the most widely used plating species in the electroplating industry. Impurity of chemical raw materials, parts falling into the plating tank, hanger entrainment, and misapplication may cause the accumulation of Cu2+, Zn2+, Cr3+, Fe2+ and other impurities in the bath, which seriously affect the appearance and quality of the coating. The traditional treatment method is to remove impurities and purify the plating solution by precipitation-filtration and electrolysis at regular intervals. This process usually needs to stop production, but also consume various treatment reagents and nickel salts, and cause environmental pollution.
  1. Nickel Purify P3 is easy to use. Without stopping production, it can be directly added to the plating solution and stirred evenly to remove the coating failure caused by metal impurity ions.
  2. Nickel Purify P3 Nickel plating impurity remover has the effect of prolonging the thorough cleaning cycle of the nickel plating solution, improving the quality of the plating layer and improving the production efficiency. After years of application, no examples of mismatch with nickel-plated brightener have been found so far.
  3. Nickel Purify P3 can be directly put into the nickel plating tank containing impurities such as Cu2+, Fe2+, Fe3+, Zn2+, Cr3+ and so on. When the nickel plating solution contains Cu2+ 40mg / L, Zn2+ 40mg / L, Fe2++ Fe3+ 120mg / L, Cr3+ 60mg / L or less, the addition amount is 1 ~ 2ml / L.
  4. If a small amount of Nickel Purify P3 is often added before the plating solution is contaminated by impurity metal ions, the preventive effect can be achieved.