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White Copper Tin Cyanide Free Plating Brightener

White Copper Tin Cyanide Free Plating Brightener

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    Cyanide Free Plating Brightener


    Tin Plating Brightener


    Cyanide Free copper plating brightener

  • Type
  • Use
    Copper Tin Alloy Plating
  • Characteristic
  • Item
    Chemical Auxiliary Agent
  • Feature
    Fast Deposition, Stable Process
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White Copper Tin Cyanide Free Plating Brightener

White copper tin plating brightener ( cyanide- free ) ; Copper tin alloy electroplating


Product Details


Coating white gorgeous, crystallization and meticulous, high hardness, good wear resistance, strong anti-corrosion ability. It is an ideal alternative process for nickel plating, which is suitable for the bottom plating before gold plating, silver, palladium and rhodium, and can also be used for facial plating.

Widely used in mining machinery functional coating and metal, electronic devices decorative electroplating.


Process Specification Conditions


FF-5133M 400~480ml/L
Cu2+ 6~10g/L
Zn2+ 0.3~0.8g/L
KOH 8~15g/L
Na2SnO3 40~60g/L
FF-5133A 2~5ml/L
FF-5133B 2~5ml/L
pH 12~13
Anode Graphite plate
Temp. 35~45℃
Current density 0.5~2.0 A/dm2
SK:SA 1:2
Cathode move Required