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Barrel Nickel Plating Chemicals Nickel BP 760 Good Leveling Performance

Barrel Nickel Plating Chemicals Nickel BP 760 Good Leveling Performance

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    Barrel Nickel Plating Chemicals


    Good Leveling Nickel Plating Chemicals


    Barrel nickel electroplating

  • Type
    Nickel Plating
  • Use
    Barrel Nickel Plating Additive
  • Appearance
    Colorless Liquid
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    Nickel BP 760
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    Standard export packaging
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    15-25 work days
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    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
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Barrel Nickel Plating Chemicals Nickel BP 760 Good Leveling Performance

​Barrel Nickel Plating Additive Nickel BP 760

Formula and Operation Condition Range
Nickel Sulfate (NiSO4·7H2O) 180~250g/L
Nickel Chloride (NiCl2·6H2O) 45~55g/L
Boric Acid (H3BO3) 40~50g/L
Nickel BP 760A brightener 0.2~0.4ml/L
Nickel BP 760B softener 6~10ml/L
Y1 wetting agent 1~2ml/L
PH 3.8~4.5
Temperature 50~65℃
Cathode Current Density 2.5~8.0A/dm2
Anodic Current Density 1.0~3.0A/dm2
Filtration Recycle filteration continuously




1) Fill the tank with about 70% water, heat to 70~80℃.

2) Add boric acid (H3BO3), stir until it is thoroughly dissolved.

3) Add the measured nickel sulfate (NiSO4·7H2O) and nickel chloride (NiCl2·6H2O), and stir till they are thoroughly dissolved. Then add water to the volume.

4) Add 1-2 ml/L H2O2 (30%) after dilution, and stir for 2 hours.

5) Add nickel carbonate or 4% sodium hydroxide solution, and adjust pH to 5.2.

6) Then add 3~5 g/L activated carbon powder and stir the bath, and then filter after standing about 3 to 5 hours.

7) Add diluted sulfuric acid (5-10%) to adjust pH to around 4.

8) Use wavy metal plate as cathode, electrolyte until low current region turn black into light gray with small current density 0.1-0.4A/dm².

9) Add Nickel BP 760 additives, and then put into production.




Additive Consumption
Nickel BP 760A brightener 100~250ml/KAh
Nickel BP 760B softener 100~225ml/KAh
Y1 wetting agent 20~50ml/KAh




It is easy to change other nickel process to Nickel BP 760 barrel nickel process. stop adding previous brightener and softener, then replenish the make up as the amount of previous tank or add Nickel BP 760 A and B at the ratio 1:1.




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