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General Emulsion Metal Cutting Fluid QX-100 Rust Prevention

General Emulsion Metal Cutting Fluid QX-100 Rust Prevention

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    General Emulsion Metal Cutting Fluid


    8ph Metal Cutting Fluid


    Rust Prevention Metal Pretreatment Chemicals

  • Properties
    Emulsion Cutting Fluid
  • Appearance
    Light Yellow To Yellow Translucent Liquid
  • Characteristic
    Suitable For Metal Cutting For Various Purposes
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General Emulsion Metal Cutting Fluid QX-100 Rust Prevention

General emulsion cutting fluid ; Metal cutting fluid QX-100





l Universal type, suitable for metal cutting for various purposes, both soft metal and hard metal;

l Super strong compound formula, significant cooling effect, more conducive to the protection of the cutter;

l With special rust prevention function, it can effectively improve the protection ability of machine tool corrosion. Adding high-efficiency bacteriostatic agent, it will not grow mold in summer;The main functions of cutting fluid are divided into four categories:

1. Lubrication; 2. Cooling effect; 3. Cleaning effect; 4.Rust prevention.


Item Specification
Appearance Light yellow to yellow translucent liquid
Specific gravity (25 ℃ / g / cm3) 0.975±0.05
PH (1% aqueous solution) 8-10
COD of stock solution (ppm) 200,000-300,000
COD of 0.05% aqueous solution (ppm) <400
Conductivity (room temperature, 1% aqueous solution, um / cm) 0-8
Surface tension (0.3% aqueous solution N / M) <32




1) Clean the liquid bath or bucket before use.

2) The addition ratio of cutting fluid to water is 1:15-1:20.

3) In order to ensure the gloss and antirust effect of the machined parts and the protection of the lathe bit, it is recommended to replace it every seven working days.





1) 25kg plastic barrel;

2) Store in a ventilated, cool and dry place with a storage temperature of 5-40 ℃;

3) The shelf life is one year under normal temperature.





1) Prevent the mixing of water and miscellaneous oil during storage, otherwise the product may deteriorate;

2) If the color of the liquid becomes darker during storage or use, the use effect will not be affected;

3) It is not edible. If it enters your eyes accidentally, please wash it with clean water immediately. If necessary, please see a doctor immediately.