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Wood Stone Concrete Nano Protective Anti Fingerprint And Easy To Clean

Wood Stone Concrete Nano Protective Anti Fingerprint And Easy To Clean

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    Concrete Nano Protective


    Wood Stone Nano Protective


    Anti Fingerprint Nano Protective

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    Waterproofing And Anticorrosion
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    Spraying Or Brushing
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Wood Stone Concrete Nano Protective Anti Fingerprint And Easy To Clean

Wood Stone Concrete Nano-Protective ; anti-fingerprint and easy to clean



FF-4219 is a film protective agent further improved, developed and perfected on the basis of water-based nano protective agent. It does not use alcohol, uses water as solvent, is safe and environmentally friendly, and has good stability. The protective agent has anti-fingerprint, easy to clean and other functions. It is used for waterproof and anti-corrosion protection of wood, stone, concrete and cultural relics.


1. Features

1.1 The thickness of the protective agent coating layer is about 0.5 μm to 5 μm.

1.2 Corrosion resistance to most chemicals.

1.3 Use at room temperature, can be self-drying and drying.

1.4 It is not easy to absorb dust and is easy to clean.

1.5 Water is the solvent, and it is directly diluted with deionized water with a conductivity of less than 30us/cm.


2. Technical parameter

Appearance Milky white liquid
Non-volatile matter 18%±2%
pH value 8.5~10.5


3. Process flow

Pre-treatment cleaning → lamination → drying.

Before laminating, clean the dust, dirt and oil on the surface of the coating to obtain a clean surface. After the film is covered and the surface is dry, it can be dried with hot air. The self-drying time is at least 7 days, and it can also be dried.


4 Working fluid composition and process conditions

4.1 Lamination working fluid composition:

FF-4219: 20%~30%

Deionized water: 70%~80%

4.2 Process conditions

Construction temperature 10℃~35℃
Spraying distance 20~30cm
Spray gun diameter 1.1~1.3mm
Spraying pressure 0.3~0.4 Mpa
Drying temperature/time 80℃~90℃/20min~30min