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Copper Tin Alloy Electroplating Imitation Gold Plating FF-5130

Copper Tin Alloy Electroplating Imitation Gold Plating FF-5130

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    Electroplating Imitation Gold Plating


    Copper Tin Imitation Gold Plating


    FF-5130 Imitation Gold Plating

  • Type
    Imitation Gold Plating
  • Item
    Chemical Auxiliary Agent
  • Use
    Alloy Electroplating
  • Characteristic
  • Feature
    Fast Deposition, Stable Process
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Copper Tin Alloy Electroplating Imitation Gold Plating FF-5130

Copper Tin Alloy Electroplating Imitation Gold plating ; FF-5130


FF-5130 can be used to replace cyanide gold imitation and pyrophosphate gold imitation processes. This product can obtain gold imitation coating in a wide range of current density. The solution does not contain cyanide and phosphorus compounds, and the wastewater treatment is environmentally friendly.


1. Features

1.1 The current efficiency is more than 90%, the coating is dense and bright, and the deposition rate is about 0.2 um/min(1.0A/dm2); The appearance of the coating is uniform and gold like. Within the current density range of 0.05~2.7 A/dm2, the tin content of the coating is uniform and 9~12%, and the deep plating ability is excellent; The bath is easy to maintain. Except for tin salt which needs to be supplemented additionally, other substances only bring out loss. It can be electroformed to imitate gold coating, if the thickness is more than 10μm, the appearance and quality of the coating remain unchanged.

1.2 Plating tank: PVC, polypropylene.

1.3 Filtration: continuous filtration, and the plating solution must be filtered with PP filter element (the porosity should preferably be 1um. At least 5 um). Continuous filtration is to keep the plating solution clean. Before use, the filter element must be soaked in 10% potassium hydroxide solution at 60℃ for several hours, and then rinsed with water before use. In order to ensure good filtration and mixing, the circulation volume of the filter pump must reach 5 cycles per hour.

1.4 Heating: titanium serpentine steam tube, titanium electric heating pen or quartz electric heating pen.

1.5 Mixing: air mixing and solution filtering mixing are carried out together. The coating can be uniform without pinholes.

1.6 Anode: electrolytic copper (with anode bag, area ratio of cathode to anode: 1:2-4).

1.7 Rectifier: the current output can meet the requirements of electroplating operation, and the ripple is less than 5% of the standard CDC power supply. Ammeter, voltmeter and continuous current trimmer must be equipped. An ammeter must be used.


2. Solution composition and process parameters

2.1 composition of plating solution

composition range optimal
FF-5130 M(complexing agent) 350~450ml/L 400 ml/L
FF-5130RS(tin salt) 200~300ml/L 250 ml/L
CuSO4.5H2O(copper salt) 24~36g/L 30 g/L
temperature 35~40℃ 38℃
PH 10.5~11.0 10.8
Cathode current density 0.2~3.0 A/dm2 1.0 A/dm2