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Low Foam Wetting Agent Nonionic Surfactants (DP-106) Emulsification Oil Removal

Low Foam Wetting Agent Nonionic Surfactants (DP-106) Emulsification Oil Removal

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    Wetting Agent Nonionic Surfactants


    DP-106 Nonionic Surfactants


    Emulsification Oil Removal Surfactants

  • Characteristic
    Great Wetting And Penetrating Property
  • Appearance(25°C)
    Color-free Transparent Liquid
  • Ionic Type
  • PH Value (1% Aqueous Solution)
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    Standard export packaging
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    15-25 work days
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    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
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Low Foam Wetting Agent Nonionic Surfactants (DP-106) Emulsification Oil Removal

Low Foam Wetting Agent ; Nonionic Surfactants (DP-106) ; Excellent Emulsification And Oil Removal And Dispersion Ability


OX-DP 106 is one of our new series low-foam high-efficiency surfactant series.It is a polyplex multifunctional fatty alcohol polyether non-ionic surfactant.With excellent low bubble ability, excellent emulsification and oil removal ability and dispersion ability, very good wetting and penetration ability.Stable under acidic conditions and has certain alkali resistance, excellent water-soluble and cleaning performance.Safe and environmentally friendly, completely biodegradable.It can be widely used in commercial washing, emulsification oil removal, all kinds of textile refined oil removal and other industrial fields.II. Chemical and physical properties

Item Index Standard
Appearance (25℃) Color-free transparent liquid Visual inspection
Ionic type nonionic /
Color (APHA, Pt-Co) ≤30 GB/T3143-1982
Water content (KARL-FISHER,%w / w) ≤0.5 GB/T11275-2007
PH value (1% aqueous solution) 5-7 GB/T6368-2008
Cloud point (℃) 1% aqueous solution 30-35 GBT 5559-2010

1. DP 106 has great wetting and penetrating property, the wetting and penetrating time is less than 11 seconds at 0.1% active substance content.
2. DP 106 is almost foam-free at above 40℃ at 0.1% active substance content, and can effectively inhibit the foam production of the system.
3. DP 106 is used for hard surface oil removal, which can quickly penetrate between oil pollution and hard surface. On the one hand, emulsification, on the other hand, making oil pollution completely separated from the hard surface to complete the oil removal process.
4. DP 106 is used in a large number of low temperature and low bubble and refined penetration agent in textile additives, which has the advantages of bubble-free, fast penetration, clean oil removal, high hair efficiency and good whitening
5. DP 106 is used in the commercial cleaning industry as a low bubble cleaning agent. As the main spray agent, it can effectively inhibit surfactant foam and have lasting bubble elimination and bubble suppression effect.

Not flammable, no explosive, non-toxic, slightly irritating to the skin, irritating to the eyes, can be completely biodegradable.

Storage and transportation according to the requirements of general non-combustible chemicals;
Closed preservation, to prevent exposure to the rain, shelf life of two years;
Wash the skin with water, splash into the eyes and rinse with water.

200 kg galvanized iron barrel / 120 kg large plastic barrel