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FF-104E Non Ionic Surfactant Wetting Defoaming And Dispersion Properties

FF-104E Non Ionic Surfactant Wetting Defoaming And Dispersion Properties

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    FF-104E Non Ionic Surfactant


    FF-104E Defoaming Surfactant


    FF-104E Surfactant

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    Light Yellow Liquid
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FF-104E Non Ionic Surfactant Wetting Defoaming And Dispersion Properties

FF-104E ; Non-ionic surfactant, wetting, defoaming and dispersion properties


FF-104E Surfactant is a versatile additive with wetting, defoaming and dispersion properties. The product is a symmetrical non-ionic surfactant with a unique twin chemical structure that allows the product to reduce surface tension, control foam, and reduce water sensitivity. It can be applied to many industries: such as water-based industrial coatings, water-based wood paint, water-based plastic paint, water-based inks, OPV, pressure-sensitive adhesives, pigments and dyes, metal processing, fluxes, pesticides, etc.



Use attention
It is recommended to add emulsion or resin and other surfactants first, and then add FF-104E series surfactant to spread the maximum speed into the system, which must be fully dispersed for 15-30 minutes. A small number of FF-104E surfactants crystallize when transported or stored at very low temperatures, and can be recovered by heating when dispersed slightly..

Spread rapidly, reduce dynamic surface tension and static surface tension; defoaming and foam inhibition, low water sensitivity. It’s available for a variety of substrates and no micelle formation, good thermal stability, good acid and alkali stability.
The aqueous system has higher surface tension than the solvent system, and it is necessary to add a surfactant to improve the wettability. However, the conventional wetting agent causes foaming and foam stabilization. If the defoaming agent is added, the problem of poor wetting will occur again, such as needle eye and fish. eye. The FF-104E series can avoid these problems. Performance is significantly superior to traditional surfactants. It provides extremely low surface tension and foam suppression under dynamic conditions.
FF-104E series surfactant is a very good symmetrical non-ionic defoamer due to its unique molecular structure. FF-104E surfactant has no cloud point and can have long-lasting defoaming performance over a wide temperature range.
Water sensitivity
Many surfactants cause water sensitivity problems on dried coating surface. Highly hydrophilic surfactants such as anionic (dioctyl sulfosuccinate) or polyethoxylate surfactants are easily redissolvable in water, causing surface defects in dried coatings such as stickiness and whitening, atomization, and poor water resistance.

Recommended Addition level:
Aqueous coating: 0.1%—3.0%
Aqueous pressure sensitive adhesives: 0.1%—1.0%
Fountain solution: 0.1%—1.0%
Jet ink: 0.1%—1.0%
The above data is the empirical amount, and the optimal dosage is determined by a series of tests.

25kg drum —180kg drum