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FF-02 Water Based Rust Converters 40% Solid Content

FF-02 Water Based Rust Converters 40% Solid Content

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    Water Based Rust Converters


    40% Solid Content Rust Converters


    Copolymer Emulsion Rust Converters

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    Milky White Liquid
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FF-02 Water Based Rust Converters 40% Solid Content

FF-02 Water-based rust converters


Water-based rust converter is a special copolymer emulsion, which contains wetting agent, penetranting agent and rust conversion agent. Coated on the surface of rusty steel, after the film is completely dried, it becomes black or reddisd-brown, and the useless rust is converted into a black anti-rust film with anti-rust ability. The polymer compounds form a dense protective film on the metal surface, and the film has high sealing property. High adhesion, good salt spray resistance, completely prevent rust again.

With rust coating water-based primer, exempt from sandblasting, single component, non-toxic and tasteless, greatly reduce VOC content, strong adhesion to metal substrate, high film hardness, forming a thick anti-scratch layer, excellent rust prevention performance.It can achieve rust removal, anti-rust, primer and other functions in one step.

At present, it has been widely used in metal structure, steel casting, storage tanks, pipelines, bridges, color steel plate and metal structure maintenance.


Product characteristics

1) Fast rust removal

5-10 minutes after brushing the rust converter, the rust on teh surface of iron and iron alloy and other metals can be removed, while forming a protective film with corrosion resistance on the metal surface to prevent from back rust, the hardness of paint film is very high, strong adhesion, with excellent rust and corrosion resistance.

2) Convenient construction

The rust conversion agent is single component, which can be coated with rust without sandblasting. It can be constructed by spraying, brushing, rolling coating, soaking and other methods, which is simple in operation, reduces the sandblasting process, greatly improves efficiency and greatly reduces labor costs.

3) Widely used

The polymer composite structure film formed by rust conversion agent has strong anti-rust effect, and the anti-rust period in bare air is 2 years. With good compatibility to top coat,maintain good performance in water-based paint, oil-based paint and concrete pouring.

4) Environment friendly

water-based rust converter belongs to water-based paint, the composition does not contain heavy metals and toxic volatiles, greatly reduce VOC content, non-flammable and non-explosive, no irritating odor. Products after construction do not need to be washed again, saving water resources.